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I. Construction Publications

  • "Fifty State Construction Lien and Bond Law," Book, Vol. 3, Wiley & Sons, Inc., by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Avoiding, Mitigating and Resolving Construction Claims," High-Point publication, by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "AGC Construction Law Manual," Mechanics lien and release forms, by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Construction Law Remedies," a construction industry seminar publication by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Project Documentation,”," a client’s in-house publication by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Prompt Payment Act,”,"article and reference chart, for a seminar presentation by Joseph G. McGuinness

II. Bid Protest Publications

  • "The Art of Winning a Public Works Bid Protest," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Bid Selection by the Numbers -- Avoiding New Math," by Joseph G. McGuinness and Jeffrey Flashman

  • "Defending a Bid Protest Standards and Strategies," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Anatomy of a Bid Protest – Rules and Equities," by Jeffrey Flashman

  • "Equal Bidders," by Joseph G. McGuinness


III. Security Services Publications

  • "Security Contracts and Terms for Engagement," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Avoiding Unfair Liability for the Protection Services Company," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Keeping Business Premises Secure – a Team Effort," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Security Services - the Value of Deterrence," by Jeffrey Flashman

  • "The Burglar from Within," by Jeffrey Flashman

IV. Business Publications

  • "A Dealer’s Malice; Damages Designed to Punish," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Don’t Bank on It; a Banking Industry Defense Analysis," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Duty of Care," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Identifying a Standard for Measuring Professional Due Care," by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "A Professional’s Scope of Engagement; Avoiding Missteps" by Joseph G. McGuinness

  • "Summary Judgment– Ending the Case Early" by Jeffrey Flashman

  • "Contract Breach – an Analysis of Available Damage and Excused Performance" by Joseph G. McGuinness

*The above books, manuals and/or articles are available upon client request.


  • “Business Documentation,” an in house seminar concerning the proper practice and policies for the maintenance and destruction of business documents and media.

  • “Creating Evidence, a business person’s guide to avoiding unwarranted liability.” This presentation addresses the importance of truthfully documenting facts as they arise and events as they occur. Participants explore the peril of words written in haste, anger or desperation (examples displayed).

  • “Construction Law Remedies,” a construction industry seminar on project payment remedies.

  • “Avoiding, Mitigating and Resolving Construction Claims,” for a public seminar sponsored by High-Point.

  • “Construction Project Documentation,” seminar presented to a client group. This seminar addresses all aspect of construction project documentation including: bid documents, claims, intent letters, contracts, meeting notes, job reports, communiques, remedy notices, as well as, waiver and release documents.

  • “Roundtable Exercise,” a general construction industry learning exercise at which participants, representing all tiers of a fictitious construction project gone awry, confront legal and practical issues to resolve conflict.

  • “Construction Issues for the 90's,” Association of General Contractors, legal seminar presented to Association members.

  • “Construction Industry Prevailing Wage Requirements,” seminar presented to a client group.

  • "Employer Practice and Policies - The Basics," seminar presented to a client group by Julia McGuinness.

  • "Navigating the PAGA Terrain," seminar presented to a client group by Julia McGuinness.

  • "Employment Termination - Now What," seminar presented to a client group by Julia McGuinness.

  • "Construction Management - A Legal Roadmap," seminar presented to a client group.

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